Garage and Overhead Door Spring Replacement

  • Torsion Spring Replacement & Repair
  • Extension Spring Replacement & Repair
  • Door Spring Maintenance & Inspections

If you have a garage at your home then you must know the importance of a properly functioning garage door and why you need to keep it in its best operational condition. And, when we talk about garage doors, garage door springs are the most crucial component of the whole system to open and close the door and bear the door’s weight.

A faulty or broken garage door spring not only affects the mechanism of your garage door but it can be very dangerous too. So, if you notice any unusual thing with your garage door springs then it’s time to repair or replace it.
Here at Spark garage Door Repair, we offer broken garage door spring repair services to make sure that your garage door works properly. Also, we help you replace your aging garage door springs with new ones as they lose their effectiveness over time. We repair and replace damaged or broken torsion springs and extension springs of your residential garage doors in quick time with expert services.

If you notice any of the following condition, you can contact us for a pre-inspection service for your garage door springs:

• Your garage door effectively weighs more with aging or failing springs
• You require considerably more force to open and close the garage door
• There’s a gap in your torsion spring
• Garage door movements are jerky
• If you hear creaking sound due to high tension and strain in the springs
• The top of your garage door is bent
• The cable is hanging down
Never try to replace or repair your garage door springs as is can be very dangerous without proper knowledge and experience. Spark Garage Door Repair will help you with your broken garage door spring repair with the help of trained and experienced professionals as per your demands. After a thorough inspection, our experts will recommend the best solution in your budget. We help you find the best residential garage door repair spring for your door to make sure that your garage door functions well. We use the best quality torsion and extension springs from major U.S. manufacturers for all types of garage doors. 

 Apart from residential garage door repair spring and maintenance services, we also offer Residential Garage Door Opener repair services for your automatic door openers of any brands. Contact us for more details about our garage door repair services and to schedule an appointment.