LiftMaster Garage Door Opener: Increase your Home Security

We all want to have control over who enters and leaves our property. Now, your home should be secure so that you can sleep tight and not bother about trespassing. That’s why you should keep your property secured and protected all the time. And one of the best ways to boost the security of your home is by installing LiftMaster garage door opener (WLED).
LiftMaster WLED garage door opener is an excellent piece of technology. Its several features increase your convenience and home security. Here we’ll discuss the advantages the LiftMaster WLED garage door opener offers. 
1. Powerful and Quiet OpenerProbably the best thing about the LiftMaster WLED belt-drive garage door opener is that it is robust and yet quite. The opener of LiftMaster WLED has an ultra-quiet DC motor. You can enjoy the peacefulness by installing the extra-strong belt-drive opener.
2. 24-Hour Battery Backup 
The LiftMaster WLED Wi-Fi Garage Door Openers has a 24-hour battery backup, and it is one of its strengths. This battery powers the opener for up to 24 hours if the electricity goes out. So, you don’t have to worry. As, if the power goes off, you will still be able to operate the door normally.
However, there is a small price to pay; that is, the opener lights won’t turn on, and the door will run a bit slower than usual. But you can open your garage door at any time, no matter if electricity is gone. Note that you need to replace the battery timely.
3. Garage Lighting Lighting quality is generally the last thing most homeowners are concerned when purchasing a new garage door opener. Remember, lighting plays a significant role in safety and garage usability. Also, a good lighting system in your garage can prevent burglary attempts.  
4. Excellent Safety and Motion SensorsThe garage door sensor is essential when it comes to keeping your family safe. It acts as the eyes of your garage door. LiftMaster has the infrared safety reversing sensors on both sides of the garage doors. These sensors keep your car, pet and people unharmed.
5. Control From AnywhereWith the help of your smartphone, you can control the LiftMaster WLED garage door from anywhere. This opener has built-in Wi-Fi and powered by myQ® app. 
Here are some of the features of Using myQ® app:
• Garage control from anywhere:You can open and close your garage door with your phone. You can be on the go and still operate the garage to let a family member, friend, housecleaner or any other person into your home at any time. 
• Real-time NotificationYou will get a notification when your garage opens, closes, or is left open. This is an essential feature as many people keep valuable things in their garage.
• Preset Scheduling:You can set a schedule for your garage to close at a certain time. 
• Access Sharing: With the help of the app (myQ Guest), you can invite up to three people to control your garage door opener. 
You can also use myQ® app as a door opener if you lose the remote control that comes with the LiftMaster. The Bottom Line
If you want to reap all of the benefits of the LiftMaster Garage Door Opener, you should look for a professional that will do an excellent job installing your garage door opener.

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